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Santa Cruz Collective

The Santa Cruz Gallery showcases within the space and bistro. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday 9-2pm. Along with the gallery hours the art is showcased every weekend during theatrical performances from local productions. Including this, artists have an ample opportunity to showcase their work with our in house themed showcases throughout the year as well.

We provide artists a space to create and thrive while showcasing with no fees. Our gallery is a “place to welcome all levels of work from local artists of many backgrounds and cultures while maintaining high quality breathtaking art.” All we ask for is 20% commission on anything sold to facilitate the space and Art Younify as curator.

Showcasing and Setup

Artists sign up on Art Younify sign up page along with the artwork submission form. Once these two forms are filled out we are able to log you into our pricing book for purchasing. We then use a number system to keep track of the paintings while handling the transaction in real time at the gallery. We cycle the paintings every 45 days but work with each individual artist to best suit your individual partnership. Once a date is agreed upon we can assist in finding the best area and hanging method. We accept multiple sizes to any degree to fit accordingly.