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We love coffee!   What about you? Our beans are roasted for you!

Exclusive at Cafe Ollin– Specialty Coffee
Cafe Ollin partnership with Noriega Coffee from Rancho Campostella in Nayarit, Mexico gives you the unique opportunity to grab the freshest batch of hand-crafted cooked whole coffee beans brought to you directly in Austin Tx. You can purchase a cup of coffee or a bag of coffee beans to take Cafe Ollin tradition with you !

Signature coffee

Cafe de Olla
Marinating in a traditional Olla (clay pot)

We bring together the freshest coffee with perfected portions of cinnamon, piloncillo, cloves, anise, and, for the brave - some fiery hot peppers.

Cafe Ollin.large.2.png

The Flavors

Medium Roast Dark Roast

Quemado (Espresso Roast) Seasonal: Grower’s Roast

Cafe Ollin recipes are traditional delightful flavorful medleys, designed to engage you with flavorful caffeinated zests to start your day.

About the bean:

Noriega is ONE of the best-kept secrets in the Coffee world. It is a small farmed coffee located at N Latitude 21 directly on the bean belt of the planet. This combined with the mineral rich volcanic soil helps create coffee with layers of exotic flavors. Cultivated with compassion for the environment and its inhabitants, these beans are shade grown, hand picked, and sun-dried. Always chemical free. Each purchase directly benefits the Indigenous Community of Cumbres de Huicicila Compostela Nayarit.

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